Thursday, June 5, 2014

DIY Ennamel Dots from Pony Beads

Sorry Ya'll I filmed this video like 5 months ago and just realized that I've never shared it, and everyone now knows how to make these but I decided to go ahead and post it any way. 

Thanks for stopping by please come back again soon~ Carla 


  1. I just tried to make my own dots from neon pony beads I brought at walmart and they turned out fairly well. A few didn't want to melt completely. I did 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. Issue I had was with fumes. I took a picture for you. Do they make smaller pony beads? Have you tried the clear ones yet? Mine are a bit big, but I am going to try them out on a card anyway and link back to your blog. What video editor do you use? I tend to cut a bunch of things in white also and then color them. I liked your coloring video. I am going to try out alcohol markers for the first time when my CTMH markers get here from the new catalog. I was glad to see how great just two colors looked. It intimidating to start, most of the videos have 6 different markers for one area. Also I liked your idea of the ready to go bin.

  2. I just brought some mini pony beads from Joann's.

  3. I just brought smaller pony beads?